Tampiqueña: beef, pepper, onions, spinach rice, cheese enchilada, fried beans and guacamole. 190

Arrachera Chepil: beef topped with gratin mushrooms and deshidrated tomatoes, fried beans and guacamole. 225


Mole Negro: Chicken on the grill topped with homemade Poblano mole sauce. 190

Aguachile de Rib Eye: 250gr cold rare Rib Eye dipped in red spicy sauce. With avocado and onion. 220

Pechuga Divorciada: Chicken stuffed with cream cheese and spinachs, half topped with chipotle and half with poblano sauce. Potatoes and veggies. 190


Chile Relleno de Machaca: Gratin pepper stuffed with dry shredded beef. Beans and ranchera sauce. 145

Over the Grill (2 people): 

Beef, chicken, beans, potatoes with cream

and crispy bacon, melted cheese with chorizo, yellowchilli peppers, chorizo, and onions.  520


Cochinita Pibil: Yucatan style, shredded pork marinated in achiote, pineapple, and orange juice. 175


Barbacoa de Borrego: Hidalgo style, shredded lamb barbacoa with no bones or grease, with cactus and tortillas. 190

Stuffed Marlin Pepper: Gratin pepper stuffed with marlin and shrimps from the baja. Rice on the side. 125


Ceviche de Atún: fresh tuna, mango and cucumber in sweet&sour tamarind sauce. 135

Ceviche Betabellísimo: beetroot cubes, mango, onion, and cucumber in sweet&sour tamarind sauce. 95


Aguachile Ángeles Verdes: Raw shrimps cooked in lime, with spicy aguachile sauce, cucumber and onions. 175

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