Black Chilaquiles: made out of blue corn with gratin Oaxaca cheese and topped with chicharrón in green tomatoe sauce. Beans and potatoes on the side. 147


Chilaquiles Bowl: Chilaquiles served in a bowl with fried beans, cheese, potatoes and fried eggs. 97


Divorced Chilaquiles: half chilaquiles in green sauce and half in red sauce, cotija cheese, cream, 2 eggs, beans and potatoes. 105


Mole Chilaquiles: chilaquiles in black mole sauce, Oaxaca cheese, sour cream, sesame, chicken, beans and potatoes on the side. 145


Mexican Chilaquiles: chilaquiles in chipotle sauce, white gratin cheese, sour cream, 2 eggs, beans and potatoes. 125


Chilaquiles del Patrón: chilaquiles in green tomatoe sauce, 2 eggs, beef arrachera, white gratin cheese, sour cream, beans and potatoes. 175


Vegetarian Chilaquiles: chilaquiles in grean or red sauce (your choice), 2 eggs, white cheese, sour cream, avocado, beans and potatoes. $115

Vegan Chilaquiles: blue corn chilaquiles in green or red sauce (your choice), mushrooms, avocado, beans and potatoes. $115

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