Flautas de Borrego: crispy fried tortilla with lamb, sour cream, beans and avocado. 125

Sampler: beans, melted cheese with chorizo and guacamole.123  

Chicharrón de Rib Eye: fried rib eye with guacamole, and tortillas. 185


Guacamole: with crispy pork. 85


Pork Sope: thick tortilla topped with pork in green sauce. 58

Lamb Sope: thick tortilla topped with lamb barbacoa. 68


Tlacoyo: thick tortilla stuffed with beans topped with shredded pork. 58


Platón de Antojitos: sope borrego + tlacoyo + sope carnitas 165


Sope al Ajillo: beans, garlic mushrooms and melted cheese. 58

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