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Kids are our most important guests.
We know that if they are happy, you are happier.

In Chepil we have a special menu for them, we thought about their nutrition and experience. The Chepil Tray is ilustrated with Mexican fantasy characters alebrijes and includes one free alebrije in their meal.

We also created a kids playground designed to avoid accidents that is always in charge of a nanny in order for you to have your meal in peace. You can see the playground from your table.

why do we use


In Chepil the decoration is made out of yarn. You will find roofs, phrases, art, and furniture all made out of yarn.



Because Mexico is like this: creative, colorful, artistic, unique... and so is Chepil.

What is fascinating about Mexican arts and crafts is that there is an individual person designing every piece and makes it unique. 

Everything is handmade and that is its attractiveness.​

In Chepil we use yarn in the decoration because we want to convey that in our cuisine there is someone designing every dish that it is made by Mexican hands.




Chepil is not a traditional restaurant because even though we show of our Mexican roots, we renovate them by bringing them to the contemporary Mexico.

Chepil's mission is to provide our customers a gastronomical experience with our typical flavors and handmade decorations in a completely new way.


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Tijuana, Baja California

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