Ensalada Chepil: mixed and roman lettuce, feta cheese, mushrooms, walnuts, avocado and cherry tomatoes. With mediterranean dressing made of chalots and olive oil. 120


Frutos del Bosque: mixed and roman lettuce, goat cheese, strawberry, blackberries, blueberries and walnuts. With sweet balsamic dressing. 120


Nopalitos: cactus with tomatoes, onion, cotija cheese, avocado and vinaigrette dressing. 85


Add to your salad:

Chicken 55

Beef 105 

Shrimps 120    

Caldo de Pollo: chicken soup, rice, carrot, squash, panela cheese. 

small: 65  large: 85


Sopa de Tortilla: avocado, dry chiles, crunchy pork, and panela cheese dipped in tortilla soup.

small: 50  large: 67

Pozole: pork soup with corn kernels. On the side crispy tortillas, onion, coriander, cabbage, radish and lime. 168


Menudo: beef soup with corn kernels. On the side tortillas, onion, coriander and lime. 168

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