tacos & tostadas

Tostadas Caramelo: 3 crispy tortillas with beef, beans, avocado, purple onion and melted white cheese. 157

Beef Tostadas: 3 crispy tortillas topped with shredded beef with veggies, beans, onion, and cotija cheese. 145

Vegetarianos: 2 tacos with blue corn tortilla, cheese, beans, zucchini, spinachs, mushrooms, creamy avocado and purple onion. 105


Barquitos: 2 tacos with blue corn tortilla, smoked marlin, shrimps, oaxaca cheese, creamy avocado and purple onion. 115


Braseados: 2 tacos with octopus marinated in chiles, cheese, and guacamole. 116


Quesadillas Chepil: 2 corn quesadillas with beef, guacamole, and beans. 125


Flores Rojas: edible Jamaica Flower cooked with Habanero chile sauce, mango, feta cheese, and almonds over 2 crispy tortillas. 85

Tostadita de Atún: fresh tuna cubes over a crispy tortilla, it’s the favorite one! 62

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