Pozole: pork soup with corn kernels. On the side crispy tortillas, onion, coriander, cabbage, radish and lime. 168


Menudo: beef soup with corn kernels. On the side tortillas, onion, coriander and lime. 168


Cochinita Pibil: Yucatán style, shredded pork cooked and marinated with achiote, pinapple, and orange juice. Rice, beans and tortillas on the side. 175

Barbacoa de Borrego: Shredded lamb with no bones or grease, served with cactus and homedmade tortillas. 190


Huevos al Gusto: scrambled eggs with: choose 2 between chorizo, ham, bacon, mushrooms, spinachs, tomatoe, or onion. With chilaquiles, beans and potatoes. 115


Huevos Regios: scrambled eggs with machaca (dried shredded meat), tomatoe and onions. With chilaquiles, beans and potatoes on the side. 125

Burro de Chilaquiles: Chilaquiles with the sauce of your choice (red, green or chipotle), chicken, cheese, cream, avocado wrapped in a flour tortilla. Potatoes on the side. 115

Enfrijoladas: thin tortillas with panela cheese in the inside, gratin and covered in beans sauce. Potatoes on the side. 95


Enchiladas: thin tortillas with chicken. Choose between red, green or black mole sauce. Beans and potatoes on the side. 105


Chicharrón en Salsa Verde: chicharrón in green tomatoe sauce. Beans, potoatoes, avocado and tortillas on the side. 110


Torta de Cochinita Pibil: artesanal bread, with shredded marinated pork, gratin cheese, beans, onion and fries on the side. 155

Add avodado: 30