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Mexicans commonly stuff the "chiles poblanos" with fresh cheese or worn out meat.

In Chepil we re-invent them. Gratinated and stuffed with dry roasted beef "machaca". The favorite one is stuffed with with marlin and shrimp. You have to try them!

Our "flautas" are stuffed with shredded lamb barbacoa served with beans and creamy avocado. You'll love them.



Mexican recipes are known worldwide, but those we left them to the Mexican traditional restaurants. 

In Chepil we make a 180˚twist to Mexican cuisine.



You will find very traditional drinks such as:

Margaritas • Tarritos • Aguas Frescas

But you will also find Mixology, like the

"Corazón de Frida" a cocktail based on 
mezcal, dark beer, and tamarind fruit.



We are passionate in everything that we do.

Out vision is to improve the quality of life of our team through the organizational growth that we achieve by successfully providing memorable experiences and high quality products to our guests.

Our mission is to provide to our guests Mexican Cuisine with authentic flavors through a friendly service in a creative and welcoming environment.

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