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the sauces

The sauces

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In Mexico, sauces are the stars of the table.


The cutlery, the salt shaker or even the plate could be missing,
but you can not miss the sauce. Whether the Mexican
cook at home, eat at the taquería on the corner or visit
the most elegant restaurant in the city, anywhere
place will lack a good and spicy sauce.​


Mexican Sauces

What are they made of?

Since pre-Hispanic times, chili has been an essential element to prepare exquisite sauces. It has become a patriotic symbol within Mexican culture. We are one of the countries that consumes it the most since, thanks to our climate, a great variety of chilies can be grown in practically every corner of the Republic.


because they like?

Chili produces a certain pleasure when eating, since dopamines are released that help enjoyment, so the best way for Mexicans to receive guests is by offering them a good molcajeteada sauce that delights the most demanding palate and encourages the soul.


To cook sauces you need creativity. The molcajete is to a cook what the canvas is to an artist. Thanks to the wide variety of existing chiles, you can cook as many sauces as you can imagine.



 by what in stone?

The sauces have an incomparable flavor when they aremolcajeteadas, since the ingredients give off a

more pleasant flavor due to its perfect integration.


The sauce is not a seasoning.The sauce

potentiatesflavors, ignites feelings and

Season the moment!®

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